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Service of retro line 23 began on 25.03.2017 in the terminus Královka. The route of retro line 23 is nearly a copy of tram line 22, which is often crowded by tourists. On retro line 23 you will find only tramcars of legendary T3 type, which became already a inseparable part of Prague.

Retro line 23 is in service every day between 8.30 am and 7 pm. The interval is about 30 minutes (on weekends from April to September 15 minutes). The two depots of Střešovice and Hloubětín are responsible for the service on retro line 23. There is no special fare applicable, so you can use every ticket of PID to take a ride on retro line 23.

Information on retro line 23:


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